New Member Committee

The New Member Committee (formerly the New Teacher Committee), created by the MTA Board of Directors in October of 1997, is charged with creating an environment in which the Association will provide new members with orientation and information to assist them in becoming acclimated to their work and Association environment.  Below is a list of specific charges and a few Committee activities that support the charges.

Charge #1 - Develop special resource materials for new teachers.  

An employee guide for new members provides critical employment information to new members and also explains the role of local Associations.  It is distributed in all first year members' Association packets that are disseminated in early Fall.

Just For New Teachers -- The Committee, with the assistance of the Center for Education Policy and Practice , sponsors this annual conference.

Committee members are available to speak to new local association members at local new teacher orientation events

Charge #2 - Advise the editor of the MTA Today on information for new teachers and assist MTA webmaster with MTA's new member e-mail newsletter.    

Charge #3 - Develop a New Teacher Program at the Summer Conference and in other forums including regional workshops for new teachers.

Summer Conference New Teacher Program -- The New Teacher Summer Program at Williams College in Williamstown, Ma. , provides participants with resources, networking opportunities and information about their local, state and national Associations.  One of the special strengths of the program is its small group dynamic and camaraderie.  Enduring professional and personal friendships that are formed at Williams become part of a permanent support network for newer MTA members.

Summer Conference PD for New Teachers -- This Summer Conference Program is aimed at meeting the instructional needs of new teachers. The New Teacher Committee works closely with The MTA Center for Educational Policy and Practice (CEPP) in the program's design and delivery.  Further it is closely aligned with the program described above so that the networking experience is even richer.

Charge #4 -  Work with other MTA committees and departments to develop presentations and workshops to benefit new members.

Chair: Josh Chrzanowski, Chicopee

Staff Consultants: Bob Duffy,, Elizabeth Shevlin,, Jeff Morassi,, and George Luse,

Staff Assistant: Ari Mercado,


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